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Warehouse and Distribution

Packaging Design and Manufacturing Services

General Warehousing

Draco provides general and tailored warehousing solutions for industries—such as food and beverage, health and beauty, vitamins and supplements, and general retail goods across other industries—and our specialized facilities and meticulous inventory management system ensures product safety, quality, and integrity. We streamline your supply chain, reduce costs, and deliver products with confidence.


We meet the unique demands of e-commerce businesses by excelling in inventory management, ensuring your products are accounted for accurately. Our streamlined order processing guarantees efficient operations, while our adept fulfillment team ensures orders are meticulously picked, packed, and shipped. Whether automated or manual, our e-commerce pick and pack service and worldwide distribution process uphold the highest standards, reinforcing your brand’s reliability.

Retail Distribution

We navigate the intricacies of retail distribution with ease and uphold peak supply chain performance. We guarantee punctual product deliveries to a wide array of retail outlets. Employing our extensive know-how, we orchestrate every stage—from order coordination to precise picking, packing, and efficient shipping. Our logistics network ensures your products consistently arrive on schedule.

FEFO and FIFO Warehouse Disciplines

Our commitment to product freshness and waste reduction shines through in our steadfast adherence to the First Expired, First Out (FEFO) and First In, First Out (FIFO) principles. These guiding practices ensure that our management and distribution processes prioritize product quality, minimize waste, and reflect our dedication to maintaining the highest standards.

Retail Label Generation and Compliance

Our commitment to meeting the precise labeling demands of retail partners is matched only by our proficiency in producing such retail labels. Our efforts ensure accuracy and compliance, seamlessly integrating your products into diverse retail settings. When you choose Draco, your items are presented on shelves with precision and regulatory alignment to help nurture your retail partnerships and maintain customer confidence.

Pick, Pack, and Ship Services

With an efficient order fulfillment process—including the picking, packing, and prompt shipping of products to retail destinations—Draco stands head and shoulders (and tail) above the competition. This method guarantees quick and precise deliveries, thereby boosting customer contentment and strengthening your retail alliances.

Amazon Preparation and Shipping (1, 2, and 3P)

Draco excels in preparing and shipping products for Amazon, demonstrating expertise as both a third-party seller (3P) and seamlessly integrating with Amazon’s fulfillment services as a first-party (1P) and hybrid second-party (2P) seller. As a 3P seller, we navigate the intricacies of Amazon’s platform, meeting their stringent requirements to guarantee smooth operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Grocery Distribution

On average, we process several thousand pallets of products per month to help keep America fed and hydrated. With dedicated temperature-controlled storage and transportation, we ensure secure and pristine delivery. Our rigorous procedures maintain the quality of your grocery items from warehouse to market so that your brand remains a dependable source of freshness and customer contentment.

Lot, Batch, Expiration, Serial Inventory Management, and Shipping

Our inventory management system is a testament to our commitment to precision. With seamless integration of lot, batch, expiration, and serial tracking, this sophisticated system ensures meticulous inventory control and rigorous compliance in our shipping procedures. Powered by cutting-edge technology, every facet of our operations adheres to the highest standards, allowing us to deliver products with accuracy while meeting regulatory requirements.