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Innovative Solutions, Trusted Partners

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Draco provides cutting-edge solutions to address co-packaging, warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution challenges. Amplify your success with comprehensive distribution solutions that leverage our team of experts and advanced warehouse management and inventory control systems.

High-Tech Warehouse Management

Our cutting-edge RAMP Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Inventory Control System reduce labor requirements and enhance accuracy.

Value-Enhancing Solutions

Need a minor miracle? We boast a wide array of solutions, ranging from space optimization and cost reduction strategies to adept Crisis Management.

Customer-Focused Flexibility

From flexible product reception and sorting to tailor-made pack-outs and more, we prioritize adapting to your specific fulfillment and packaging needs.

Client Confidence & Trust

Our success stems from holding our customers in the highest regard. As a testament to this, we proudly maintain an astounding 95% customer retention rate.

Our Specialty: Unique Logistics Solutions

At Draco Logistics, we deliver a comprehensive suite of services to seamlessly optimize your supply chain. With expertise in Contract Packaging, Warehouse and Distribution, Systems and Technology integration, Packaging Design and Manufacturing, and Production Equipment, our team is dedicated to enhancing your operational efficiency

Accuracy rate for inventory

SQ FT distribution center

Kits shipped annually

Linear FT packing tape annually

Your Industry, Our Solutions

Draco Logistics provides unique distribution solutions for the food and beverage sector, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of perishable and non-perishable products. Our expertise extends to the health and beauty industry, where we handle a wide array of products with care and precision, guaranteeing on-time delivery in perfect condition. For the retail and consumer goods sector, our flexible solutions meet the fast-paced demands of a dynamic marketplace. In the age of e-commerce, our seamless distribution for online retailers and Amazon sellers offers fast and accurate order fulfillment and shipping services. Manufacturers and industrial businesses rely on us for just-in-time warehousing, vendor managed inventory, inspection, and more to keep production lines running smoothly. 

When Draco is your trusted distribution partner, our innovative logistics and packing solutions get your products to customers on-time to ensure your business thrives.