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Production Equipment

Production Equipment Services

Automated Carton Erectors

Our cutting-edge automated carton erectors accommodate various carton sizes and styles, tailored to individual production needs. Beyond efficiency, which is always the goal, Draco prioritizes quality assurance, reducing errors and ensuring consistent, high-standard carton assembly. Our customer-centric approach includes ongoing support and training, making Draco a trusted partner in optimizing production lines for efficiency and competitiveness.

Automatic Labeling and Coding

Our systems seamlessly integrate into production lines, applying labels and codes accurately, including barcodes, expiration dates, and batch numbers. We ensure compliance with industry standards, reducing labeling errors and enhancing traceability. Our adaptable solutions accommodate various product sizes and materials, backed by comprehensive training and support, making us a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable, efficient product identification solutions.

Carton Gluing

Draco’s carton gluing solutions offer precision and consistency, enhancing the overall quality of packaging. They are capable of handling various carton sizes and styles, catering to diverse packaging needs. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, Draco Logistics is the go-to choice for businesses seeking dependable carton gluing equipment that ensures the utmost security in our packaging solutions.

High-Speed Tapers

Our advanced taping solutions allow for the secure and uniform sealing of cartons at a rapid pace, which our customers can effortlessly integrate into production lines. Whether handling various carton sizes or accommodating different packaging needs, Draco’s high-speed tapers consistently ensure product integrity and efficiency, which is why we’re the trusted choice for businesses seeking top-tier sealing solutions.

Shrink Wrappers and Shrink Bundlers

Our state-of-the-art equipment expertly packages products with shrink film, ensuring a secure and visually appealing presentation across a wide range of products. Draco’s capabilities extend to accommodating diverse product sizes and configurations, making us a versatile choice for businesses seeking top-tier packaging solutions.