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Our Story: The Dragon Awakens

Forged in the twin flames of trust and mutual respect, battle-tested across the years, and propelled by an unending commitment to excellence, Draco has firmly positioned itself as a trusted logistics partner for numerous brands across the spectrum of retail-reliant industries. We infuse reliability, transparency, and customer satisfaction into every aspect of our operations. In this fiercely competitive landscape, Draco spreads its wings and ascends to greater heights, carrying our partners with us.

Our Leadership

Our leadership is defined by a collective commitment to innovation, integrity, and a shared strategic vision. Guided by seasoned industry experts, we navigate challenges with resilience and drive, ensuring our company remains at the forefront of excellence.

  • Mark Garza

    Founder and President

  • Gani Gjonbalaj

    Partner and CFO

  • Amy Meredith

    Vice President of Operations

  • Joe Brown

    Director of Sales and Business Development

Our Specialty: Unique Logistics Solutions

Draco delivers a comprehensive suite of services to seamlessly optimize your supply chain. With expertise in Contract Packaging, Warehouse and Distribution, Systems and Technology integration, Packaging Design and Manufacturing, and Production Equipment, our team is dedicated to enhancing your operational efficiency