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Systems and Technology

Systems and Technology Services

Custom Integration with 3rd Party Shopping Carts and Customer ERPs

Draco skillfully merges logistics systems with clients’ established shopping carts and ERP systems. In meticulously devising solutions that facilitate uninterrupted data flow and streamline order management processes, we adeptly create connections to enable real-time communication between systems. This ensures precise order tracking, synchronized inventory management, and dynamic shipping updates, resulting in a coherent and efficient exchange of information. By harmonizing logistics with clients’ existing frameworks, we optimize operational workflows, enhance accuracy, and accelerate response times—which ultimately leading to high marks from customers (ours and yours).

Customer Access and Custom Reporting

Draco prioritizes our customers with an advanced customer portal and dynamic reporting capabilities to provide real-time insights for transparent logistics management. Clients can monitor shipments, view inventory, and receive live delivery updates. The customizable reporting offers tailored analytics, as well, so you can make informed decisions about order trends, inventory, and performance. This comprehensive approach empowers our customers to optimize their supply chain, fostering efficient and strategic logistics management.

Location Control for Accuracy and Efficiency

Draco uses advanced systems to optimize warehouse operations and lead with location control to guarantee precise inventory placement, streamlined picking routes, and heightened order fulfillment efficiency. We methodically organize inventory, minimizing errors and expediting retrieval, a meticulous process that extends to crafting the most efficient picking routes, reducing travel time, and accelerating order processing. By merging precision with speed, we consistently exceed customer expectations, cementing our role as an innovator in accurate and efficient warehouse management.

RF Scanning and Picking

Draco leads in innovation through RF (Radio Frequency) scanning technology, transforming order picking. This technology improves accuracy and increases efficiency by enabling the real-time tracking of items, which also minimizes errors, ensuring precise order fulfillment while also eliminating manual data entry, which can both slow down and introduce errors into the process. Such advancements underscore our commitment to delivering flawless order management and improved operational efficiency.

Real-Time Visibility

Draco offers real-time visibility solutions provide customers with continuous oversight. Our advanced systems enable effortless tracking of shipments, inventory levels, and order statuses throughout the logistics process to facilitate more informed decisions, quicker responses to unexpected developments, and the proactive resolution of emerging issues. By providing such real-time visibility, we instill confidence and ensure an agile and optimized supply chain management for today’s dynamic business environment.